July 30, 2017
What are the dates of CMS Summer School? How do I apply?


New to CMS Summer School?

Find out what happens at CMS Summer School here.

What are the dates of CMS Summer School 2023?

CMS Summer School 2023 will run from 7–13 January 2023. The opening session begins at 7pm on Saturday 7 January 2023.

How will Summer School run in 2023?

CMS Summer School 2023 is being planned as an in-person conference. There will be the option of watching an online livestream from the Auditorium only, during the morning and evening sessions. All Youth and Children’s programs will run in person only in 2023.

Where is Summer School held?

CMS Summer School is held at Katoomba Christian Convention, 119 Cliff Dr, Katoomba.

How do I apply for CMS Summer School 2023?

Online registration for CMS Summer School 2023 is open until 3 December 2022. After this date, onsite registration will be available during the conference however attendees will not receive printed name tags and will incur the standard registration fee. Applications for families with children to enrol in the Youth and Children’s Program will also close after this date, or earlier if programs become full.

Please note: We will only be taking applications via online booking for Summer School 2023. Please contact the CMS office on (02) 9267 3711 if you would like assistance with applying online.

Will CMS provide accommodation?

There will be no Summer School attendee accommodation at the CMS Conference Centre for Summer School 2023.

There will be limited KCC Campsite accommodation for Summer School attendees.

Please use this form to register, noting the following:

  • Campsite bookings are only available for the entire week.
  • Places will be allocated on a first-in, first-serve basis.
  • Once a site has been allocated to you, CMS will send you an invoice for payment. Your site will not be confirmed until full payment has been made.
  • For further enquiries or additional information please contact Gillian on (02) 9267 3711 (Mon, Wed or Thurs AM).
What is the cost of Summer School?

Earlybird prices for CMS Summer School will cost $195 per person ($135 for concession). Day attendance at CMS Summer School will cost $50 per person ($30 for concession). Families with multiple children will not be charged more than $550 for the week.

Earlybird prices have now ended.

Standard prices for CMS Summer School will cost $240 per person ($160 for concession). Day attendance at CMS Summer School will cost $55 per person ($35 for concession).

Youth and Children’s programs for CMS Summer School will cost $85 per child for the week. Day attendance in the Youth and Children’s program will cost $20 per child.

Registration for the online livestream option will cost $100 per person ($50 for concession). Online registration entitles a person to access video livestreams and recorded video sessions during January 2023. Please note that there will be no online children’s program this year.

Can I watch the sessions after livestream times?

Yes, the session recordings will be made available to watch after the livestream times via an online showcase. They will be posted as soon as possible but please allow up to one day for the content to become available. Please note: Due to copyright reasons, the session recordings will exclude songs.

Can I access the talk outlines for CMS Summer School?

Yes, a digital booklet with talk outlines will be available to download late December.

Is there an info pack?

Detailed information about CMS Summer School 2023 will be available late December.

What are the COVID-19 precautions for in-person attendance?

CMS wishes to care for attendees and to minimise the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible. With this in mind, it is strongly encouraged that you take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) prior to attending Summer School (preferably on the day, or at least within 48 hrs of arriving). Should you test positive, please follow current NSW Health Guidelines and do not attend Summer School. Please also take note of our refund policy in these circumstances.  

For the safety of all attendees, CMS asks that you please do not attend the site if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, even should you return a negative RAT result.

Are refunds available if I am no longer able to attend Summer School?

CMS understands that, for reasons beyond your control, you may be unable to attend some or all of Summer School (including due to testing positive for COVID-19 either before or during Summer School). If you cannot attend any of Summer School in person, please contact the CMS office via email ([email protected]) or phone (02 9284 6711) if you wish to receive a refund for the difference between the in-person and livestream registration charges.  

If you are only able to attend part of Summer School and miss the sessions you had originally paid for (e.g. due to testing positive for COVID-19 during the conference), please contact the CMS office via email ([email protected]) or phone (02 9284 6711) to discuss refund options. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

In the unlikely event that your onsite registration needs to be cancelled due to government stay at home orders or other COVID-19 restrictions, CMS will, unless directed otherwise, convert your registration to livestream attendance only. Upon registration you will be asked how you wish CMS to handle your registration money if this should become necessary:

  • Donate the difference between in-person and livestream registration to CMS NSW & ACT, to be distributed towards the following: 
  1. Tax deductible funds 
  2. General funds 
  • Specific missionary support – please specify one of the following: 
  1. Refund the difference between in-person and livestream registration
  2. Cancel the entire registration and refund the whole amount (option available for any refund requests received prior topasswords being issued for online content).