July 30, 2017
Find out about the program at CMS Summer School for adults, youth and children.

What happens at CMS Summer School?

We’re planning a fantastic on-site conference in Katoomba with a week of Bible teaching and fellowship, focusing on God’s mission. View our speakers and missionaries in attendance.

Adult program

In 2024, The Rev Dr Ed Loane, Warden of St Paul’s College at Sydney University, will bring us talks from the book of Galatians. We will have a chance to reflect on Christ’s saving work and the implications for believers who have been set free to serve him. We will also be prompted to consider our role in going to the nations and encouraging others to serve Christ all around the world.

Ed reflects on Galatians as follows:

“Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians has been one of the most revolutionary pieces of writing in history, sparking movements from the Protestant Reformation to the Evangelical Awakening. Its message is as relevant today as it was for its first readers, who were in danger of losing the gospel they had believed. In the face of corruptions to the faith which would have made it more palatable within their context, Paul reiterates the fundamentals of the salvation which is to be preached throughout the world. A missionary society like CMS needs clarity that anything less than this gospel is slavery and ruin. As we face challenges to compromise for wider acceptance, Galatians shows how we are unchained by Christ so we might live for him and proclaim him to the world around us.”

In addition to this deep engagement with God’s word, there will be many opportunities to hear from CMS missionaries and guest speakers about how God is building his kingdom around the world.

View the detailed program for Summer School 2024.
Program at a glance

Youth and Children’s program

The Summer School Youth and Children’s Program is always a highlight of the year for kids of all ages. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your children involved in learning about the role they can play in seeing a world that knows Jesus. This year, kids attending the program will be encouraged to consider how we are unchained by Christ to live for him and share his wonderful gospel of freedom with others.