CMS Summer School 2024

6-12 January 2024, Katoomba

Join us for CMS Summer School 2024 and be encouraged and inspired by excellent Bible teaching and stories from CMS missionaries of how God is at work around the world.

Summer School will run from 6–12 January 2024, and The Rev Dr Ed Loane will be speaking on Galatians. Please be praying for a fantastic week of fellowship, teaching and sharing!


Start your year spiritually refreshed

Start your year spiritually refreshed

At CMS Summer School, you’ll enjoy in-depth Bible teaching, diverse and encouraging missionary sessions, amazing music, and opportunities to grow your heart for God’s mission.

In 2024, The Rev Dr Ed Loane, Warden of St Paul’s College at Sydney University, will bring us talks from the book of Galatians. We will have a chance to reflect on Christ’s saving work and the implications for believers who have been set free to serve him. We will also be prompted to consider our role in going to the nations and encouraging others to serve Christ all around the world.

In addition to this deep engagement with God’s word, we will hear from many CMS missionaries and guest speakers about how God is building his kingdom around the world.

Talk recordings from CMS Summer School 2023 are available for free download here.

Why you'll love Summer School

Excellent Bible teaching

Be convicted by God’s word with fellow believers.

Encouraging stories from CMS missionaries

Hear how God has been at work around the world.

Exciting youth and children’s program

A week of refreshment for the whole family.