July 30, 2017
Meet the key speakers at this year’s CMS Summer School.

Speakers at CMS Summer School 2022

Andrew Shead
Main Bible talks on Psalms

Andrew Shead is Head of Old Testament and Hebrew at Moore Theological College, and a member of the NIV Committee on Bible Translation. He has taught the book of Psalms to many generations of students, but feels that he has still only scratched the surface. He delights in the riches of the Bible’s poetry, and the challenge of communicating its message in today’s world. Andrew grew up in India, as a CMS missionary kid. It was as a youngster at CMS Summer School that he first found himself gripped by public Bible teaching. He is already praying that the Lord would use Summer School 2022 to touch other lives, young and old.

Kanishka Raffel
Lord’s Supper address

Kanishka Raffel was born in London to Sri Lankan parents and was raised as a Buddhist. While studying law at Sydney University a friend gave him a copy of The Gospel according to John and he subsequently became a Christian.

Kanishka is currently serving as the Archbishop of Sydney. Before becoming Archbishop, Kanishka served as Dean of Sydney, ministering to the regular congregations of St Andrew’s Cathedral. He was also involved in wider Australian church life, including the General Synod Standing Committee, the Council of The Gospel Coalition Australia, the Board of GAFCON Australia, and as trustee to both the Anglican Relief and Development Fund Australia and Trinity Theological College, Perth.

He sees the immediate priorities for the Sydney diocese as strengthening local churches, discipling the next generation, and raising up and training ministers of the gospel.

Kanishka is married to Cailey and they have two daughters.

Phil Colgan
Monday evening speaker on Philippians 1

Phil Colgan is the Senior Minister of St George North Anglican Church where he has served since 2004. He serves on various other boards and committees but his great passion is to teach the Scriptures in the local church to try to make and grow more and more disciples of Jesus.

Phil is married to Victoria and they have one adult son and two teenage daughters. They have been coming to Summer School as long as they can remember and love the chance every year to hear what God is doing in His world through CMS. Phil loves any sport (especially the Canberra Raiders), playing board games, cryptic crosswords and discovering new places with Victoria on their day off together.

Greg Lee
Tuesday evening speaker on Philippians 2

Greg Lee became a Christian at 16, through a family who were both loving and bold with the gospel. He then had a fantastic experience at Uni where he was captured by Jesus’ greatness and decided to spend his life preaching Jesus’ gospel. Since 1999 he has been Lead Pastor at Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle. He is married to Emma and together they have four children.

Chris Braga
Wednesday evening speaker on Philippians 3

Chris Braga first came to Summer School with a friend back in 1990, six months after he started following Jesus. With no separate program for senior high, it meant going to the main talks on the prayers of the Apostle Paul. This teaching revolutionised Chris’ thinking about prayer and provoked him to consider being a Bible teacher.

Chris currently serves as the Senior Minister of Grace West Anglican Church where he is passionate to see more and more people transformed by grace. For the last seven years he has been the Chair of Anglican Youthworks shaping the organisation to equip churches to have an effective youth and children’s ministry. He and Beth have seven children ranging in age from 8 to 24 and drive a nine-seater Kombi. Chris loves being part of a large family, anything to do with mountains and cooking fast-food, particularly burgers.

Sandy Grant
Thursday evening speaker on Philippians 4

Sandy Grant (will be) is the new Dean of Sydney, serving at St Andrew’s Cathedral, after 17 years at the regional Cathedral of St Michael’s at Wollongong, from where there are many keen supporters of CMS and Summer School. He’s grateful to Sunday School teachers and youth leaders, who taught him the gospel and what it meant to follow Jesus many years ago.

Sandy is husband to Karyn, father of three adult daughters, walker with Karyn of Maisy the Groodle, committee member (Standing Committee, Matthias Media Board, Domestic Violence Task Force, Social Issues Committee), reader (theology, biography, crime fiction), and runner.