Summer School 2024 Updates
January 5, 2024

Summer School 2024 updates

This page will be updated as further information becomes available.

Update – Monday 8 January 2024

The KCC Oval will remain closed indefinitely. Further assessment of the oval will take place each day and we will let you know if anything changes.

The arrangements for evening sessions will be as per the ‘Evening sessions’ information below. Please note there is no shuttle from the Gully at night.

Arrangements for morning sessions will be as per the ‘Sunday morning session’ information below.

Please do not attempt to drive to the top of the site and drop people off. This will interfere with the Shuttle service, which is needed for those with mobility issues. If the people you are transporting have mobility issues, there are Shuttle options from the Gully and Violet Street in the morning (including using the Scenic World drop-off zone) and from the Scenic World car park at night.

In order to speed up the return of children, the Park ‘n’ Ride buses will only be operating to the High School until all the children have been returned to the KCC site. They will then begin servicing our other locations, including the Gully. If you are catching the Park ‘n’ Ride buses to somewhere other than the High School, please delay heading to the bus stop in Violet Street until around 12:30pm.

Update – Sunday 7 January 2024

The KCC Oval will remain closed on Monday. Further assessment of the Oval will take place tomorrow.

The arrangements for evening sessions will be as per the Evening sessions information below. Please note there is no shuttle from the Gully at night.

Arrangements for the Monday morning session will be as per the Sunday morning session information below.

Update – Saturday 6 January 2024

Due to wet weather, the KCC Oval has been closed for the weekend. This has necessitated a number of changes to our arrangements.

Saturday afternoon early check-in

The early check-in option, for those who would like to collect their conference bags and name tags before the Saturday evening session, has been moved to Katoomba High School. The time is still 2:00pm – 4:30pm. Please park on Martin Street and enter the High School. Our friendly staff will be there to direct you to where you can collect your bags.

Evening sessions

Parking for the Saturday and Sunday evening sessions of Summer School will be at the Scenic World multi storey car park. Please arrive from 6:30pm.

A shuttle service will operate from the Scenic World car park for those with mobility issues.

Sunday morning session

Those attending Summer School on Sunday morning are encouraged to make use of the Park ‘n’ Ride options available.

Please note that the traffic around Scenic World has been very heavy in recent days and parking anywhere near the KCC site is very difficult. Our Park ‘n’ Ride service will be the best option.

Extra Park ‘n’ Ride Stop

The Park ‘n’ Ride options have been extended for Sunday morning to take account of the likelihood of additional usage. An extra bus stop has been added in Lurline Street (opposite Goyder Avenue). Please consider parking in Katoomba Street or Lurline Street and catching the bus from

  • opposite the YHA in Katoomba Street
  • opposite Goyder Avenue on Lurline Street, or
  • outside the Three Sisters Motel on Katoomba Street
Park ‘n’ Ride from the High School

Buses will depart from Martin Street. Parking should be available in Martin Street as well as other streets near the school.

Please be aware that the Blue Mountains City Council has recently introduced metered parking in Raymond Street (at the south end of the High School) and in all streets between there and Echo Point. The cost of this parking is significant ($3 for every 15 minutes or a daily limit of $38).

Park ‘n’ Ride timetable
Katoomba High School

Park near the school on

Martin Street





The Gully

Gates Avenue, Katoomba



Plus, frequent shuttle service until 9:15am

Katoomba Street (opposite Carrington Hotel) 8:10am
Katoomba Street (opposite YHA) 8:10am


Lurline Street (opposite Goyder Avenue) 8:15am
3 Sisters Motel 8:15am
Drop off zone at Scenic World

For families wishing to drop children at the KCC site early, we will be enacting our wet weather option of a drop off zone in the Scenic World bus loop. Please drop off children with one adult at the site and then head to one of the Park ‘n’ Ride options. This option will only be available from 8:00am until 9:00am (before Scenic World opens).


Please note that the Shuttle will only operate from the Gully and from Violet Street. The Gully is the best parking option for those with significant mobility issues. (Note: there is no shuttle from the Gully at night.)